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Mild Steel Square Bar - Exceptional Weldability And Machinability

Posted by Admin on August, 30, 2022

Steel bars are commonly used to boost the tensile power of concrete though concrete can be weak in tension. It is because both share the same coefficient of thermal growth. Moreover, structural steel is widely used to construct steel buildings, which is easier to create and is having less strength weight ratio compared to concrete. It has 100% scrap value.

  • The mild steel square bars are round and smooth in shape.
  • It is having a diameter from 6mm to 50mm used for small-scale building works.
  • Mild steel is even called low carbon steel having 0.1% to 0.25% of carbon. However, mild steel is not called alloy steel though it doesn’t possess more elements as compared to different steel choices.
  • Since the carbon content boosts, the real hardness and strength will increase, but toughness and ductility decrease.
  • However, mild steel possesses quite a carbon, it is weldable and ductile but has low potency. At the same time, mild steel is highly prone to corrosion.

Why you should choose a mild steel square bar from Mild Steel Square Bar Suppliers?


The low quantity of carbon used to make mild steel and the deficiency of any alloying elements end in the quite elastic product. It implies that low-carbon steel can be shaped and deformed without losing its hardiness, turning it into quite a pliable kind of steel that can be used for different purposes.

Weldable and Machinable

The flexible nature of mild steel even implies that it is especially right for different steel fabrication processes which include welding. The lower proportion of carbon that is inside the steel, the more impressionable that the steel turns. Krishna Alloys India provides mobile welding services that you can demand along with your mild steel order, so take an appearance at our services page for more details.

Cost Effective

Mild steel needs quite a few ingredients and resources, so it is a chiefly cost-effective type of steel, which many steel fabrication clients use to finish their industrial projects.


Yet another positive about the quality that comes from the big amounts of iron and ferrite used to produce mild steel bars is that they are attractive. You should keep such a thing in mind when deciding which sort of steel to demand when ordering from steel suppliers such as Krishna Alloys India.

What is Mild Steel Square Bar used for?

Mild Steel Square Bar can be used to make products all over different industries turning it one of the best kinds of steel. The special uses for mild steel comprise structural steel, furniture, fencing, signs, automobiles, etc. To get more information on the different kinds of projects in which low carbon steel can be an outstanding choice of stuff, take a look through the list below:

Steel Frame Buildings

These square bars are quite popular for construction frame stuff due to the high force of mild steel beams.

Machinery Parts

One of the prime desirable characteristics of low carbon steel is its flexibility, which turns it just perfectly suitable to use during the formation of steel sheets within car body kits, along with former machinery elements.

Gates and Fencing

More products need both aesthetic appeal and security; mild steel gates and fences give both of these necessary qualities. Low carbon steel is difficult to break and can be primed, painted, or galvanized to avoid corrosion and provide a decorative finish. Krishnaalloysindia can manufacture, design, and install steel fences and gates, so if you’re fascinated by these products, you can find more information.


Mild steel tubes are quite admired choice when searching to make steel pipes for different projects. It is due to the outstanding ductility, turning the pipes easily weldable whilst being stretchy enough to not break under the weight. The pipes can also be protected to keep their presentation in colder weather, assisting to boost the long-term excellence of the pipework.

Structural Steel

The steel having low carbon can be used for conditions that need structural steel fabrication, as it has very reliable yield power and is also simpler to shape. Due to these qualities and the metal's affordability, mild steel can be preferable to structural steel in the smaller application of structure.

Steel is level to oxidizing if not ready as per the requirements, resulting in corrosion that harms and eventually wipes outs the steel. Without the adding up of any added elements, mild steel will experience the same destiny. Chromium is a well-liked addition to low carbon steel due to its response to experience in the atmosphere, which ends in a layer of chromium oxide that defends the steel beneath from additional corrosion. There are set quality standards for Mild Steel Square Bar Suppliers that make sure a useful amount of coating is functional to the steel to add resistance to rain, tremendous temperatures, and the common effects of weathering.

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